About Olga Garnova Photography

I was born in Moscow, the USSR, not long before the end of the Soviet era. My adolescence concurred with the brief period of total freedom bordering anarchy, when no one knew what was allowed and what was forbidden and everyone could say whatever they wanted. That experience greatly influenced my personality and made me wonder how we become people we are. Trying to find answers I entered the psychology department of the Russian State University for the Humanities (RSUH). While six years of the university studies posed more questions than gave answers, they taught me the value of the precision, research, and thorough preparatory work. And I try to bring them to all of my projects, including photographic.

Photography was a passion of mine since the age of ten when I received my first camera from my uncle. However it took me a lot of time, a variety of jobs, and moving in and out of several countries to start to see photography as a way not just to capture moments and visions, but also to learn about myself and express what I’ve learned. Nowadays I am working toward developing as an artist both via formal education and experimentation with techniques and equipment.

I enjoy traditional, including historical, and digital photographic processes and work in multiple formats – from iPhone to 4x5 view camera. The main two concepts, I explore in my photographs, are the notion of beauty, often dramatic, and my relationship with the world.